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Frequently Asked Questions

1. May I apply for admission by post?

Applications by post will not be considered.

2. I reside out of the city. Is it possible  for someone else  to register on behalf of me ?

Yes, the person must present the power of attorney signed by the notary.

  1. I am a graduate student.How can I receive information regarding the student rights?

There are two specific regulations called Marmara University Graduate Education  and Evaluation Regulations. You could find the relevant information regarding the regulations on the institute’s website or on the official web page of Marmara University.

3.Are there any sample petitions ?

You can find sample petitions on our website ( student-forms..)

4.Can you provide information on program length?

For MA programs: Degree requirements indicate a total of three years which involve a year of coursework, a year of theses  preparation and a year of additional time .

For PhD programs: Degree requirements indicate a total of six years which involve a year of coursework, three years of  dissertation preparation and two years of additional time.

5. What are the procedures for program  and Scientific Preparation course registration ?

The courses which you will register online using your password need to be approved by your academic adviser.

6.Is class attendance obligatory?

Students who haven’t attended 70% of the theoretical classes and 80% of the application classes  are considered unsuccessful and may no take the final exams.

7.Is it possible to change the faculty member who teaches the course?

Students’ interest in taking the same course from a different faculty member may be taken into consideration if the student fail fails the aforementioned course. In such a case, the course must be offered in another program.

8.Can you give me information on your policy towards transfer credits?

Student  who would like to be exempt from specific courses must complete a petition to the Directorate of the Institute within the 15 days of his/her registration.  The Administrative Board of the Institute may decide on a transfer of credits which  won’t exceed the limit of 9 credits. If the student whose registration was cancelled  before  re-registers, the Administrative Board of the Institute may award a maximum of 15 semester credits. 

9.How is my advisor assigned?

The department chair recommends to the institute (no later than second semester of the program for each student) an approval of an advisor for the student. The recommendation regarding the advisor approval becomes official when the Administrative Board approves the recommendation.

10.Is it possible to change advisors?

A recommendation from the department chair and an approval issued by the administrative board of the institute are required for changing advisors.

11.Can you give information on assigning a co-advisor?

When the thesis preparation requires one than one advisor, the department chair provides a written recommendation for assigning a second advisor. Following upon the chair’s recommendation, the prospective second advisor becomes official when the administrative board issues an approval ( Graduate education Regulations Article 14-1 Dr. 23-a)

12.When should I take the doctoral qualifying exam?

After a successful completion of the required graduate coursework, doctoral students must take the doctoral qualifying exam  until the end of the 5th semester.

13. When should I submit my thesis/dissertation proposal?

After a successful completion of the required graduate course work, student may submit the thesis/dissertation proposal (  For MA students, Student must have a GPA of 2.5 or above in graduate coursework ; for doctoral students, student must have a GPA of 3 or above in graduate coursework) Without the completion of graduate coursework, student can not submit a thesis/dissertation proposal.

14. How can I  make changes in  thesis/dissertation title?

Student may fill out the  Change in Thesis Title form. Upon the approvals issued by the department chair and the Administrative Board, student may make the aforementioned change in the thesis/dissertation title.

15.How many thesis/dissertation progress reports do I need?

For MA students, two thesis reports  are required while and doctoral students are required to maintain four dissertation progress reports. Students who complete their thesis work  in a shorter period of time will be considered separately.  Student who has two unsuccessful progress reports respectively or gone through three unsuccessful progress reports with intervals will be denied registration. According to the article 13-c for MA students and the article 26-d and 26-a for doctoral students, students who haven’t submitted their thesis/dissertation proposal in time will be denied registration.

16. Can you give me information on the extra time given for the thesis/dissertation completion?

The length of the MA programs encompasses four semesters and if need be, 2 extra semesters according to the regulations (article 13-d). The length of the PhD programs encompasses eight semesters and if need be, students may be given four extra semesters to complete the program.

17. How do I freeze the semester?

A completion of the petition which provides the reasons for freezing the semester may be considered if the approvals of the Administrative Board and the department chair are acquired. In that case, students are permitted to freeze a maximum of two semesters. ( Regulation article 48)

18. How do I defend my thesis/dissertation?

Thesis/dissertation submission forms which are approved by the  program advisor, thesis/dissertation advisor and department chair includes a proposal of the Thesis Committee. When the Administrative Board issues an approval, the proposed thesis/dissertation committee becomes official. Student must defend the dissertation/thesis orally within a month after the issue of approval. Oral examination may result in a ‘pass’,’fail’ or ‘revision’. The thesis/dissertation examination form is required to be submitted to the institute within 3 days after the thesis/dissertation defense. For MA programs, student may be given 3 months of duration for revision while for PhD programs, students may be given 6 months of duration for revision.( Regulation article 15 for MA programs; article 27 for PhD programs)


19. How do I proceed after I go through a successful thesis/dissertation defence?

Student who has gone through a successful thesis/dissertation defence must submit the required documents to the institute( Regulations, Article 16 for MA programs, and article 28 for PhD programs).

Procedures for Thesis/Dissertation Submission

The following information and documents are required to be presented to the institute:

a)    Hard-bound theses/dissertations

b)    3 CDs which includes a pdf-formatted thesis/dissertation content ( Student must label the CDs with the following information: name of the department, the thesis/dissertation title and the name of the institute and a plastic cover for the protection of the CDs)

c)    Student must complete Thesis/Dissertation Information Form at and submit a copy of this form to the institute.

Documents that are required to be submitted to the Central Library during thesis submission

                         Thesis/Dissertation: A hard-bound  signed thesis/dissertation that includes the approval page.

     CD-ROM: Thesis /dissertation formatted in Microsoft Word  and in Pdf (including English and Turkish versions of abstract) .

     Thesis/Dissertation Information Form:  The form can be reached at, two hard copies are required.

12. Student must submit the academic belongings such as student IDs to the institute. If student has lost these items, a written lost-announcement needs to be presented to the institute. Students who haven’t presented these documents may not receive graduation certificates.

20.  I  didn’t get accepted into the program of my choice. Can I still take courses?

Upon the recommendation of the department chair and the approval of the Administrative Board, student may take a maximum number of two courses as a special student.

21.  What are the procedures for being a special student?


Registration as a special student requires a recommendation received from the departmental chair followed by an approval from the administrative board. Each semester, student may choose a maximum number of two courses. The tuition and fees for these courses are determined at the beginning of  the year by the administrative board.  Special students may not benefit from 

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