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The Institute of Educational Sciences offers M.S. Non-Thesis Programs; M.S. Thesis Programs and Ph.D. Programs in the fields of Educational Sciences and Teaching. The present programs are based on the principle of providing the students with the knowledge and skills appropriate to the requirements of time, life and the age, while keeping the future needs, opportunities and challenges in mind. In accordence with these principles, the Institute offers 50 graduate and postgraduate programs, as of 2019, from a total of 9 different education departments. These departments includes the Department of Educational Sciences, Turkish and Social Sciences Education Department, Mathematics and Science Education Department, Foreign Languages Education Department, Fine Arts Education Department, Computer Education and Instructional Technology Department, Department of Special Education and Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching. There are a total of 9 departments and 50 postgraduate programs, including the Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching.


The mission of our institute is to ensure the professional and academic development of graduate students in various fields of Educational Sciences in the most effective way. The vision of our institute is to become the institution that highly qualified students tend to choose for their graduate education thanks to the quality of the graduate programs it offers; to support original research that will influence educational policies and approaches in national and international level, and to become an institution that educates highly qualified faculty members, researching teachers and educational sciences experts in several realms of educational sciences.




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