Mission and Vision

The Mission of the Institute of Educational Sciences


 The mission of The Institute of Educational Sciences of Marmara University / Marmara University  Institute of Educational Sciences  is to facilitate the academic and professional development of students who receive graduate education in various areas of educational sciences.  To actualize this mission, Institute of Educational Sciences supports  the development  and preparation of graduate programs  and dedicates itself to bolstering the ties between students and academic staff. The institute also aims to contribute to the construction of  Marmara University’s academic identity as a research university which serves the needs of the society.  In that respect, the institute supports the collaborative work between public and private schools to carry out advanced research which shapes educational policies.


The Vision of the Institute of Educational Sciences


The vision of Marmara University, the Institute of Educational Sciences  is  become a leading research institute which attracts the best students for carrying out cutting edge research that shapes educational policies nationally and internationally. In that respect, Our vision involves preparing  the next generation of  educational specialists and high quality teacher educators.

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